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    Junkyard has a history of supporting the nonprofit organization RealStars work for sex on equal terms and a Europe free of human trafficking. The partnership has now reach the next level with a collection in support for their cause.

    - The idea for the garments came from the terrible environments many of these girls and women live in. We’ve all seen shabby neighborhoods and public toilet fully scrawled with sexist messages. We like the aesthetics but changed the scribble into more sensible messages, like fair fucking sex, femenista and not for sale, that we used in our designs and graphics, explains Sofi Warenfalk, designer at JUNKYARD XX-XY.

    RealStars mission is to make a difference by being a positive force striving for a sustainable society and a Europe free from sex trafficking. RealStars is inspired by the so called Swedish model. This model implies that authorities seek to fight the demand for these services. The organization operates primarily in Sweden and the EU through campaigns and dissemination of knowledge. The collaboration with JUNKYARD XX-XY is a concrete example of this.

    - With fashion and Fair Fucking Sex we put the foot down. The new collection in collaboration with JUNKYARD XX-XY is a big step in our struggle to reach out to as many as possible. We hope to inspire others to take a stand for fair sex, it should be a given point of view, says Malin Roux Johansson, founder of RealStars.

    The campaign is fronted by stylist Tommie X and Sophia Englund, one half of the house duo Sharks.

    100% of the profits from the sales of this collection goes to RealStars continued work. Shop the collection here.



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