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    Fall News by JUNKYARD XX-XY

    The womens collection for this season is a '90s punk club experience. But it’s not about the party. We found inspiration in the late night look of wandering home. When the dress has slipped, the make-up is smeared and the stockings are thrashed – but you look even better now than when you came to the party. It's not about being the prettiest at the party, but definitely the coolest. The leopard faux fur jacket is a statement piece which can be styled with any piece from the collection. We’ve focused on traditional festive qualities like sequin, lace, velvet, satin but on simple basics with contemporary cuts.

    The mens collection is actually about a color - green! 1000 shades of green. For an army look you can wear it as a uniform with green from head to toe. Utility flows through the entire collection, both in color and detail. As a contrast to the military look (or maybe because of it) we’ve made some pieces in pink. A genderless color real men ain’t afraid of wearing.



    Tags: #editorial #junkyardxxxy

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