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    We went to LA and met up with the Swedish tattoo artist Miryam Lumpini. She shares the story about her journey from the Swedish countryside to the sunny city of angels.

    How did you end up in LA?
    In all my life it’s been important for me to express myself in my own way and in my teens I fell in love with the art of tattooing. To get new perspectives I went to LA to hang out with some friends and there I found my new reality.

    What do fashion and trends mean to you?
    I've always taken the alternative route when it comes to music, clothing and people I hang out with. Trends are confusing to me, I've chosen to find my own expression in everything I do and I love people who can pull it of with their strong and unique personalities.

    What inspires you in your work?
    My first inspiration was my mom. She’s a great artist and a truly inspiring person. I've always been painting and when I was like fifteen I got caught up in the tattooing lifestyle. During my time as an apprentice I met a lot of exciting and inspiring people. I also love festivals and my first art job was actually designing posters for Emmbodafestivalen.

    What's your relationship to Junkyard?
    Junkyard was an inspiration early in life. The skate culture has always been close to my heart. I remember my friends taking the 160 bus to Junkfest and I wanted to go so bad but I was too young, all I wanted to do was partying with all the cool people there.

    www.miryamlumpini.com | @miryamlumpini



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