New Brand: ANT Origins

    We believe there’s a Native Tourist in everyone, are you ready to gear up?

    ANT A Native Tourist is a contemporary lifestyle brand based in the Netherlands, founded in 2011. The label was set up by a dedicated group of friends who’ve travelled all over the world taking inspiration from the local skate scene, street art, and hip-hop music. This travel mindset eventually led to the birth of ANT ORIGINS, injecting each single element into the collections ever since.

    With the urban explorer in mind, they design sportswear-inspired basics, fusing elements from the outdoor life. From your daily trips to around-the-globe visits, ANT ORIGINS will be your favorite travel companion fit for every journey. Follow their lead into practical gear, technical features and modern fits, providing the best blend of sports- and streetwear.

    Represented by the creative community, ANT ORIGINS embodies a cultural movement by youth-culture and expressive individuals. Together we’re on a never-ending exploration, seeking adventures while boundaries fade away.

    ANT Origins /

    -60 % T-Shirt - Augusta 2.0
    ANT Origins
    140 KR 349 KR
    FÄRGER (1) >
    -50 % T-Shirt - Augusta 2.0
    ANT Origins
    175 KR 349 KR
    FÄRGER (1) >
    -50 % Keps - Elbert
    ANT Origins
    150 KR 299 KR
    DEAL Jogger - Brandon
    339,15 KR 399 KR
    FÄRGER (2) >
    -50 % Byxa - Rough Jogger
    200 KR 399 KR

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